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Our Story

Services offered:
— “RAW SILK” VOICE OVERS. Our unique, branding quality, “story telling” style of voice over performance, recorded in our state of the art digital studio.
— Commercial consultation, including initiation, development and execution of branding procedures.
— Highly stylized copy writing.
— Full radio and television commercial production, placement and supervision.
— Newsletter production and publication.

Products offered
— E-Novels

Executive personnel:

BARBARA SUMMER is best known as a successful author for CBS Publications. She will develop new E-Publishing opportunities for authors whose material might otherwise "slip through the cracks" because they aren't a "perfect fit" for mass marketing companies. BARBARA is also the Chief Financial Officer for the firm. Some of her other duties include running the radios in the family airplane, advising DICK when he is spilling spaghetti sauce on his shirt, and keeping the light on in his life.

DICK SUMMER is a veteran of literally thousands of national commercial campaigns. That’s why all across America, people are familiar with his uniquely comfortable “Raw Silk” voice. For many years, he was also a top New York, Boston and National Network broadcaster.

Random House and Bantam Books have published five of DICK's "Lovin' Touch" books. He personally oversees every project we produce. Some of his other duties include changing his shirt when he spills spaghetti sauce on it, flying the family airplane, and bringing Barbara flowers.

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