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Lovin Touch

DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch
The LOVIN TOUCH stories have inspired highly romantic evenings for hundreds of thousands of listeners and readers, over quite a few years. They were first told on Dick Summer's late night radio program in New York and Boston. Then they were very successfully published as "Poetry" by Random House and Bantam Books. The success of the books and radio performances inspired a line of jewelry and a series of greeting cards, and most importantly perhaps, sacks of letters from people who just wanted to say, "Thanks for putting the way I feel into words." The best discription for the LOVIN TOUCH stories would probably be that they are really the gentle ravings of a man who was suddenly shocked to find himself in love. For those of you who may have heard or read some of these stories over the years, you may be pleased to know that Dick is still shocked, still raving, and still in love with the same woman.

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New York Daily News
Dick Summer is a story teller...(N.Y.Daily News.)

About the Author
Dick Summer has one of America's most comfortable and familiar voices. He was a top radio personality on the NBC Radio Network, and in New York City and Boston. Dick is now heard every day on national radio and TV commercials. He is also a pilot, a poet, and a hypnotist. His five highly successful LOVIN TOUCH books were published by Random House and Bantam Books.

Book Description
The LOVIN TOUCH stories were first told on Dick Summer's late night radio shows in New York and Boston. Then they were very successfully published as "Poetry" by Random House and Bantam Books. The success of the books inspired a line of jewelry, a series of greeting cards, and from what we've been told, quite a few highly romantic evenings by hundreds of thousands of listners and readers. A more accurate discription of the LOVIN TOUCH stories would be that they are the gentle ravings of a man who was suddendly shocked to find himself in love. Some of you may have heard some of these stories years ago. If so, you may be pleased to know that Dick is still shocked, still raving, and still in love with the same woman. LOVIN TOUCH is about that woman.

Customer Reviews

Lovin Touch, February 12, 2004
Reviewer: radiospots from Framingham, Ma. United States
Dick Summer is a legendary broadcaster who elevated his craft to new creative levels during his on-air career. Today, with projects like "Lovin Touch" he is able to touch so many lives with his words of emotion and passion, so finely crafted and delivered. Dick has done so much for the spoken word and "Lovin Touch" represents some of his best work. Most of all, it's his smooth, silky voice that will draw in the listener. He's a frequent guest on my late night radio show and the lines always light up with people wanting to get in touch with the "poet of the airwaves."

Soft reminders of the importance of a lover, February 7, 2004 Reviewer: John D. Sykes (see more about me) from Hollis, NH USA Dick's timeless velvet voice has once again spoken the words that take us back to our early days of new love. Both sensuous and childlike, he reminds us of when our love was new and full of joy and intrigue. He guides us through a small crowded world in an escape of love and intimacy.

Have we taken for granted how important our lovers are to us? Dick asks us to cozy up together for Just a Minute with wine and candle wax. Making love in the rain is far better than going to formal balls; sharing pizza and wine with our lover is more fun than the material things many of us desire.

I first heard Dick Summer on WBZ in my youth of the 60's, and was delighted to find him again on CD. Put a fire in the hearth, pour your lover a glass of wine and cozy up with the romantic words of Lovin Touch, and think about why you are lovers. It will be magic.

Could be mistaken as aural sex..., January 27, 2004
Reviewer: villagegreenjohn (see more about me) from Blairstown, NJ United States
But it really is high fidelity eroticism. Not the sexuality of a four color monthly read only for the articles but the sensuality of a mahogany table top with four generations of hand rubbed polish. Dick's blend of prose and music creates a level of anticipation that becomes it's own reward, a wistful recollection of romantic synergy that, if you're incredibly lucky, repeats itself for the rest of your life.

Lovin Touch, January 27, 2004
Reviewer: ozzieshwa from Brooklyn, New York United States
I have heard of Dick Summer before. I believe he was a New York DJ on 66 WNBC Radio.
I think this book is just wonderful! I have listened to it many times. Over and Over again. I gan't get enough of it. Or his voice. He knows how to tell a story,poem and just makes you feel so good. I wish more people could get a little taste of his work. Then they will be hooked as am I. Looking forward to more of Dick Summer's work.

Paul Berge Reviews "Lovin Touch" by Dick Summer, January 22, 2004
Reviewer: Paul J Berge from Ailerona, Iowa
"Lovin Touch" by Dick Summer
Review by Paul Berge (author of "Ailerona")

Top down on the '64 Galaxy, warm summer exhaust of the Palisades Parkway blowing through hair that's on fire for the first time in years. Night turns to dawn on grass where the dew cools passions leftover from memories still forming. It's your first season of love; it's your reunion with life. Poet, Dick Summer, offers a glimpse-not back-but into life when love meant everything and everything else could wait.

"Lovin Touch" is a storyteller's journey to a place you've already been but perhaps forgot to notice. With a voice like fireplace smoke, Summer walks you through the moonlight of your own romantic past to meet yourselves-the you and the someone who walks with you-returning arm-in-arm, a head pressed to your shoulder, and smiles that just won't go away.

Lovin Touch is a personal audio collection meant to be felt rather than merely heard. Park the car along the Palisades, spread a blanket, pass the flask of single-malt temptation, and drink in the lights across the river. Caution: Do not operate heavy relationships after listening to Lovin Touch.

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