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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 824Sep 04, 2022Winkin' & Blinkin'
Do you know the difference between a wink and a blink? One is on purpose and the other sneaks up on you. Both are just a quick flash of an eyelid. But understanding which one you're looking at can mean the difference between a slap in the face and a quick trip to a ladies' very private life.
Episode 823Aug 28, 2022I Love Lyrics
My 3 musician sons think I listen to songs the wrong way. They listen for the melody first. I listen for the words. To me, a song is a story with music attached to emphasize the story. And I get into three of the greatest story songs ever written on today's podcast. And I'll explain why a listener becomes part of a radio guy's life. Give a listen please.
Episode 822Aug 21, 2022Trust Yourself
"Frank" has been a buddy of mine for more than 30 years. It's been lots of burgers & brewskies. And lots of Auld Lang Synes. But there's one thing we can't discuss, and I think the reason we can't talk politics is that he's afraid he won't be able to deal with what might the near future. This podcast explores the reasons behind that. If you're experiencing that same problem, this podcast may help.
Episode 821Aug 14, 2022Rain Is For Lovers
Lots of interesting stories in this Like how I found out that there was one very important thing I could do on the radio, but not on TV. And the one about the rich Louie -Louie generation guy and his wonderful weekend with his stunning girlfriend. But most of all, it's about a pair of lovers who managed to turn a late Summer rain...into steam...together.
Episode 820Aug 07, 2022Flatulence Fun
There are four words in this tht will probably get me into trouble. "Females, Frequently, Flee, Flatulence." My only defense is that it's the truth. In case you're confused, the nick name for flatulence rhymes with Heart...but that's not where your flatulence originates. Give a listen, with an open mind. And possibly with an open window.
Episode 819Jul 31, 2022Wonderful Waitresses
Little girl babies are different from little boy babies right from day one. Little girl babies smile more, react more happily when they notice you're looking at them and genuinely want to please you. I think they should keep those traits when they grow up. Little boy babies mostly eat, drink, and pee. We don't change much when we grow up. For more information on the differences between boys and girls, give a listen to this podcast please.
Episode 818Jul 24, 2022Different Kinds Of Love
I figure there are at least 12 different kinds of love...and I've listed them in this podcast. Did I miss any? If so, what kind? Please let me know. My email is
Episode 817Jul 17, 2022Louie-Louie Laughs
I was just trying to do a chin up when this happened in my head. Be careful of doing chin ups guys. Or maybe if you REALLY FEEL LIKE you need to do CHINS UPS...Really...Watch out.
Episode 816Jul 10, 2022Your GLOAT BOAT Cruise
Your Gloat Boat cruise is a little like the Love Boat on TV, but this time instead of watching, you're living the cruise. So come aboard. You may land up somewhere different from any place you've ever been. And I guarantee you'll like it there.
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