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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 608Jul 15, 2018Gettiing Comfortable
I like being comfortable. That's why I am sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room...and this IS a POPPA chair. in manly. Comfortable.
More and more people seem to be un-comfortable with exactly what being manly means now. Legitimate colleges and universities are giving actual courses with titles like "Overcoming your toxic masculinity." Seriously. Brown University has a course in quote, "creating safe spaces for men to unpack all of the things they have learned about masculinity and what it means to be a man" end quote. Seriously.
I like my masculinity. I've had it for a long time. I'm very comfortable with it. And it's never seemed toxic to me. My Lady Wonder Wench seems to like it too. In fact I think my masculinity is one of the biggest reasons why my Lady Wonder Wench is the star of my most inappropriate and not safe for work thoughts. I like my masculinity. I'm very comfortable being a man. That's what this podcast is all about.
Episode 607Jul 08, 2018Some Soft Summer Sounds
This is about the night sounds of the summer. Hard to believe that all that soft sound is made by some one ounce crickets. Seems to me that they'd have to be about 100 pounds to make all that soft sound. And a 100 pound cricket is an ugly thought. There are lots of giggles in this podcast. And giggles are good.
Episode 606Jul 01, 2018Much More Gratitude
I'm grateful for lots of the big things we have, but we sometimes take for dependable electricity, enough food and clean water. But I'm grateful for lots of little things too. Like the ice cream sandwich with the little flakes of dark chocolate I had last night, walking on the beach with my Lady Wonder Wench, and holding her hand. We shared a bag of hot, buttered popcorn when we got home. How about flinging a Frisbee with my buddy Randy next door. How about the sound of ice cubes bouncing against a glass full of fizzy soda, or the word y'all in a sentence that goes something like, "We're sure glad to see y'all. That's what my brother Jeff said when we went to visit him in Texas. Little things that make life good. Like the chuckle I got when I saw an ad for a ladies clothing store that said, "Ladies, make his day. Take 80% off." I immediately started thinking, hey, that's a great idea. See? Gratitude Attitude. That's what this podcast is all about.
Episode 605Jun 24, 2018Tough Toe Nails
"Stop biting your toe nails." How often have you heard that one? Today's podcast explains why you might hear somebody say it to you in church. So be careful if you go to church wearing flip flops.
Episode 604Jun 17, 2018Big Bikini Bust
"If you obey all the rules, you will miss an awful lot of the fun." That's one of Big Louie's best observations. I am sitting here in my big, comfortable, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living shock. To say nothing of dismay. I have just learned that the Miss Universe Pageant has eliminated the bathing suit competition in an embarrassing nod to political correctness. It's their new rules. Listen people. Pay attention to Big Louie when he says "If you obey all the rules you will miss an awful lot of the fun." I consider this to be a terrible sneak attack on love itself.
Here's what I mean. "If love is blind how come bikinis are so popular." What's next? Streakers beware?. After all, this may mean your end is in to speak...streakers. Why are they doing this to us. By us, I mean Louie Louie Generation gentlemen. When a woman wearing even the tiniest string bikini walks down the beach, a Louie Louie generation guy watches only the parts of her that are more or less covered. What is the problem with these Miss Universe people? Don't they understand that a bikini is a little like a barbed wire fence? Look at it this way, a barbed wire fence and a bikini both protect the property without obstructing the view. Some of those women are visual candy stores. But these Miss Universe people want to put us all on a starvation diet.
Episode 603Jun 10, 2018A Summer Shower Duet
Life is like a giant roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. Early Summer goes very fast. I think it's the fastest season of all. This podcast is going to help you get a little Summer loving while you still have time.
Episode 602Jun 03, 2018An Early Summer Day
This was recorded on my back deck, while enjoying a back yard swing, with shoes off. Early Summer has the most precious moments of the year for me. Early Summer is a woman. She's not here for long. Way too soon watermealoning changes to apple bobbing, then there's September Song, and before you know it you're singing Jingle Bells again...and hoping another another Early Summer gets here soon. Minute by minute, the Summer slips away. The best we can do is catch her before she Falls.
Episode 601May 27, 2018Why?
Who, what, when, where and why are the five questions any story should answer. And the most important question is "Why?" So I'm sitting here in my big, comfortable, manly black leather poppa chair in my living room thinking about the whys in my life.
For example, why do I leave the expensive house I live in, and get dressed up in expensive clothes, drive through tough traffic in a car I'm still paying for, to get to a job that I need to pay for the clothes, the car, and the house I'm not in, because I'm at work? And is the reason it's called work because all the other four letter words were taken? And on the subject of words, why should I trust that the words in the dictionary aren't misspelled? And why are loneliness and cheeseburgers such a dangerous combination?
Why don't we just quit voting to see if the politicians will all just go away? If stop lights are timed for 35 mph, why doesn't that mean they're also timed for 70mph? If sex is so dirty and shameful, why are we supposed to save it for someone we love? And on that subject, why don't women ever say "Let's go to bed and have sex"? Yes, why don't they? And on that subject, don't you just hate it when some guy says, "We're pregnant." BS. SHE's pregnant and he's usually scared spitless.
Worse yet, is "We're working at getting pregnant." That's WORK? Work, work work away is what I say. Let's do overtime.
Episode 600May 20, 2018Guys Grunt
This podcast is about a problem most guys have. They mostly grunt at ladies. Then they spit and scratch. But Louie Louie Generation guys like me, spin stories for our ladies instead. We know that ladies like stories. And we like ladies.
"Once upon a time" it is said, a little Louie Louie Generation frog told a wonderful story he called "Ribit-Ribit" to a princess. "Ribit-Ribit" was all he said. But it made her smile. He was just a little frog, but she liked his "Ribit-Ribit"story so much that she kissed him, and he instantly turned into a prince, complete with a fancy carriage.
At least that's what the Princess told her mother when she walked into the bedroom and found that handsome young man in there with her daughter. Mom wasn't buying it. She had the frog's carriage toad away. It's really tough being a guy. We do the best we can with what we have to offer. But it is a problem. There's a story in this podcast about a lady who met a hard guy, and what happened one night. It's a story worth hearing.
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