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"Charlie Brown" says, "You're unique, just like everybody else." That simple statement is a "Charlie Brown" story. Everybody loves a story, even a little one liner like that. Stories get your attention, they're easy to remember, and they stick in your mind for a long time. That's why they sell, and sell, and sell.

The secret of our commercial success is telling selling stories. A good story is often the biggest difference between a successful "Brand" and an also ran. Kodak doesn't tell you to buy film. It says, "Once upon a time, there was a special moment in your instant that will never return. We'll help you capture it forever." Budweiser doesn't tell you to buy beer. "Bud's" story is that a guy who drinks our beer is a guy who knows WHASSUP... which makes him "The Man." Our client, Charles Binder, never says he'll get money for you. He says even if you're disabled, you can "live happily ever after" because, "We'll take care of everything... you have enough to worry about."

Watch a few of the many network commercials we've produced for BINDER & BINDER®.

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Photo - Commercial 2
Photo - Commercial 3
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Finding and developing a successful story takes time, effort and talent. That's why we're proud of the fact that we're known as "The Story Tellers." We'll be glad to send you a high quality CD demo of some of our successful selling stories. Or just click here for some quick samples:

Samples of the kind of high impact, intimate commercials that we do best.
More traditional commercials that move products and burnish brands.

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The Dick Summer Ten Commandments of Radio and TV Advertising

Break these Ten Commandments and your advertising will go to hell.

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