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Dick Summer is a story teller.... (New York Daily News)
Dick Summer has one of America's most comfortable and familiar voices. He was a top radio personality on the NBC Radio Network and in New York City and Boston. Dick is now heard every day on national radio and television commercials. He is also a pilot, a poet, and a hypnotist. His five highly successful "Lovin Touch" books were published by Random House and Bantam Books.

PERSONAL AUDIOS (sm) are CDs and tapes that keep you company. They're always there for you, even in the middle of the night. They can make you feel safe and comfortable. They can give you courage. They can make you laugh and cry. Unlike "Audio Books" which take hours of concentration, PERSONAL AUDIOS (sm) are quick "Time Outs" for people with over stressed, sometimes solitary, and often frustrating lives. Dick Summer took his radio listeners for emotional trips like these every night. But PERSONAL AUDIOS (sm) take you well past the limits of where radio could ever go.

Getting old is just an old fashioned idea...
Staying Happy, Healthy, and Hot
Author and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame radio personality Dick Summer shows how he avoids letting all the candles on his birthday cake set off the everyday sprinkler systems that can put out the fire in our lives.
In his new book, Staying Happy, Healthy and Hot, Dick admits his "New Louie Louie Generation folks don't look like the people in the beer commercials anymore, with their fancy abs and perky breasts." But, he says, "we have some surprises in store for the ‘Pimple People' and the ‘Dreary Drones,' who think we have any intention of letting ourselves turn into a bunch of lukewarm slabs of meat."
Staying Happy, Healthy and Hot: We're the Brand-New Louie Louie Generation (published by iUniverse) is a collection of true short stories about Dick's life that shows how staying happy helps keep you healthy. And when you're healthy, you're hot. He calls that the "attitude/gratitude connection."
Staying Happy, Healthy and Hot is full of laughs, tears, hopes, and fears. It's real; it's not about looking at life through rose-colored glasses. It's about a guy who's happily looking at life through bifocals that still get steamed up and sometimes a little teared up, watching the Summer sunshine of his life turn to Autumn gold.
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