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Love Comes When you Least Expect It

DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch
This is a story about love, lust, and faith...lost...and then found again. It's about a woman and two pilots, one of whom broke a vow. This story sometimes changes how people view, "The Other Woman." Think about it. Where is the sin in "Anything you want"? Where is the virtue in hating each other for the children's sake? What do you do with what's left of yourself when you run away from the most powerful passion in your life ? What happens to guilt if your lust turns into real love...when you least expect it...and how do you deal with honor and faith from then on? Before you judge the actions of the three people in this story, ask yourself what would you have really done, if it had happened to you.

Editorial Reviews

New York Daily News
Dick Summer is a story teller...(N.Y.Daily News.)

About the Author
Dick Summer has Love Comes When you Least Expect It CD by Dick Summer He's heard every day on national television commercials, and he spent years as a radio personality in New York and Boston. He's also a poet, a pilot, and a hypnotist.

Book Description
This is a story about Love, Lust, and Faith...lost...and then found again. It's about a woman and two pilots, one of whom cheated on his wife. It asks some interesting questions. For example, "Is the 'Other Woman' always a tramp?"; and "Can I still be a decent person after I cheated on someone who trusted me?". The story is told by one of America's most familiar radio and tv voices, Dick Summer. In fact, it started with an actual on air "Confession" by one of the people in the story on Dick's NBC radio program.

Customer Reviews

Back to the future, February 18, 2003
Reviewer: Marcia Tangerini from Sherborn, MA
I have both of Dick Summer's new CDs and I recommend them. It was wonderful to hear, again, this master story-teller weave the old magic. Those of us who, as teens, listened to Dick's late night show back in the 60s, and who mused about "what dreams may come" will recognize, with a smile, the velvet voice and the hypnotic style that is still as seductive as it ever was.
The subject matter is more contemporary than I had hoped, but that may prove to be more appealing to many for whom listening to Summer is a new experience.
As for me, it was just a treat to be, once again, in the company of an old friend, now that the brave new world is upon us.

In a league with Saint-Exupery and Bach, February 16, 2003
Reviewer: Alan C. Baird (see more about me) from Glendale, CA USA
While playing this CD, I was immediately transported back to those late nights in high school, when we all listened to Dick Summer's quiet, powerful tales on our radios. The production values and storytelling skills are unmatched... his impeccable timing and word choice--along with those mesmerizing cadences, verbal filigrees and poetic turns of phrase--provide honeyed balm for yearning souls.
He weaves an audio spell as well, if not better, than anyone who's ever purred into a microphone. As a pilot, I was delighted by the way he's continued, and extended, the literary tradition of authors like Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Richard Bach. This is honorable work, giving audiences a feel for the sky's loneliness/joy/drama... plus it's such a rare pleasure to *listen to* a story which was specifically DESIGNED to be listened to - and created by a consummate practitioner of the art.

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