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Quiet Hands
DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch DICK SUMMER: Lovin Touch
QUIET HANDS are PERSONAL AUDIOS(sm) produced specifically for women. QUIET HANDS are full of verbal fingertips that sometimes just scratch an itch. But QUIET HANDS can also give you a full body massage, and even help you up when you're feeling down. QUIET HANDS touch you in places that other hands can't reach. Sometimes they feel like the hands of a friend. Sometimes they feel like the hands of a lover. And sometimes they feel like the hands of a loving stranger. QUIET HANDS are all fantasy and fun. But QUIET HANDS can also help you to feel comfortable, special, and sexy, even when your life seems like it's a little too empty, and it's rushing by much too fast. Touches are always better than words. But QUIET HANDS prove that words are much better than nothing.

Editorial Reviews

New York Daily News
Dick Summer is a story teller...(N.Y.Daily News.)

About the Author
Dick Summer has one of America's most comfortable and familiar voices. He was a top radio personality on the NBC Radio Network, and in New York City and Boston. Dick is now heard every day on national radio and TV commercials. He is also a pilot, a poet, and a hypnotist. His five highly successful LOVIN TOUCH books were published by Random House and Bantam Books.

Book Description
QUIET HANDS is verbal fingertips for relaxation and dreaming. "Self Help" relaxation systems need work and concentration. QUIET HANDS relaxation is all fantasy and fun. These verbal fingertips belong to one of America's most familiar radio and tv voices, Dick Summer. The QUIET HANDS technique was developed at New York's famous Quiet Decisions Institute, for women who could use some relaxation and self image help. QUIET HANDS proves that "Touches are better than words, but words are better than nothing."

Customer Reviews

Quiet Hands, February 28, 2003
Reviewer: Janette D Channing (see more about me) from Wilmington, NC United States
I loved this book. The soothing voice of Dick Summer immediately puts you in a relaxing state. As you listen to his words you start to feel the comfort of the Quiet Hands soothing you. You know that this is a place that you will have to return to, again and again.

Quiet Hands Make Great Listening, February 27, 2003
Reviewer: Andrew from Glendale, CA United States
Dick Summer's recordings are undeniably mesmerizing: storytelling at its best. He uses his voice to bring us into his world, and our ears respond by making his world ours. He has the ability - like all great storytellers - to simultaneously conjure an environment out of thin air, and also to make us feel at home there. The enchanting quality of his stories cannot be overemphasized: listeners are engaged with a voice that somehow soothes and overwhelms us at once. His tone is warm and sincere, and he responds to the demands that modern life makes on our capacities to feel and to desire. If you appreciate respite from the dutiful administrations and obligations of everyday living, Dick Summer is a master storyteller ready to tap into the importance of love and memory in our inner life.

"Quiet Hands", February 26, 2003
Reviewer: Janette D Channing (see more about me) from Wilmington, NC United States
You are instantly transfered into a mystical world of romance and passion. You have arrived at a place in your mind, that has never been visited. Within this space, there is only you and your lover, there to feel contentment and the roar of the fire within. You know that this is a place that you will have to return to many times................

finger paints, February 26, 2003
Reviewer: jim fay from Massachusetts
It was so nice to hear this guys voice again. Dick Summer used to grace late-night Boston radio back when radio had grace. His sensual and hypnotic talkes are wonderful little windows giving deep and warm views into our inner lives. These are really enjoyable, brief mental vacations. Quiet Hands is almost like finger painting for your heart and soul.

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